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Gambling 09 Jun 2020

Crypto investment tips that will change your life

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Home Gambling Crypto investment tips that will change your life

During the first half of the 2020 the COVID 19 Pandemic took the world by storm. Before this event, the global population has never anticipated anything that would result in so much financial destruction. The world has witnessed many financial crises before, but nothing of this scale. Unlike the previous versions of recession, this time not only did money and other assets lose value, but also most of the businesses around the globe stopped, due to the governmental suspensions and country-wide lockdowns. During those times, people started losing businesses and jobs, while at the same time their financial assets started losing value. There was seemingly no solution to the ongoing crisis, but one entity showed a promising growth, while everything else was losing value. That entity was the Bitcoin, which has risen in price since the start of the pandemic, starting at around $6K and Sitting at around $10K at this moment.

Other safe haven assets

During the times of financial crisis, people always look for the stable assets that generally don’t lose any value, and gradually rise in price. These assets are known as the “Safe Havens” in the investment world and the list includes entries such as Gold and Oil. During the pandemic, the price of the Oil was completely decimated, reaching the minus values at one point and Gold had the most massive fluctuations in the last 2 decades. The Price of gold fell from $1700 to almost $1400 in a matter of several days, which is an unbelievable event for such a stable asset. At the same time, while safe havens were acting like a slinky, the only entity to not only retain its value, but rise exponentially, was the Bitcoin.

Crypto as the safe haven

Experts of the financial world have long theorized the idea of virtual currency becoming the one true Safe Haven asset for the world population. The facts are behind this idea because Crypto is the only concept in the world that is absolutely decentralized and is not tied to any asset in the world. It would be logical to consider BTC to become the best form of investment sooner or later. Various facts speak for themselves when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This was the first heavy financial crisis in the existence of Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency passed the test with flying colors, exceeding all expectations and sitting between $9000 and $10,000 all through the pandemic.

Bitcoin Halving will soon affect the Price

The time to act as a crypto investor is now, because of the various different factors that served as factual evidence for Bitcoin's future domination. As mentioned before, Bitcoin was the only entity that completely disregarded the effects of pandemic and the whole world noticed. It’s only logical that in the future more people are going to be investing into the virtual currency, Be the one to act before the price skyrockets. Another heavy factor is the Bitcoin Halving that happened just a while ago. BTC is nearing its threshold of 21 Million Units, and it surely will cost unbelievable amounts of money when this event happens. After each halving in the history of Bitcoin, its price has risen at least by 200% in a matter of months. This might be an amazing chance to invest, before the stocks of BTC get hot.

Bitcoin Gambling as a form of investment

Although more on the spectrum of entertainment and fun, Bitcoin Gambling is also considered by the crypto enthusiasts to be a relative form of investment. If the player is skillful enough, he/she can definitely make money while having fun. Having the abundance of cryptocurrency in your wallet is always a good idea, and Bitcoin Casinos can be a great way to earn more crypto assets. Considering how strong Bitcoin is going lately, it would be most logical to participate in Bitcoin Gambling, if you’re an enthusiast of the casino games.


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