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Gambling 11 Jun 2020

Top 4 tips for live betting with bitcoin

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Home Gambling Top 4 tips for live betting with bitcoin

Sports betting is an extremely popular division of the gambling industry that attracts millions of gamblers around the world. It's an amazing alternative for the players that like the simplicity and high paced dynamic. Here, the knowledge of the sport makes all the difference and the more you know about your favorite teams and players the more chances you have to make more winning bets. In the recent years Bitcoin Casinos have started to actively incorporate Live sports betting into their list of services and today betting enthusiasts have the possibility to bet on their favorite sports using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and many more.

Understand the factors that influence odds

Every Bitcoin sportsbook has its own set of available sports that players are free to wager on. All of the games within these sports have their particular odds and coefficients deriving from the various different factors that preceded the participants until the date of the game. These factors can greatly vary and are often factually and statistically supported. For example, if we look at the game of football, it's easy to understand the odds. Most of the time the odds are generated in accordance to the previous games of both teams, their history, home field designation and overall factors that might influence the game. Same characteristics go for basketball, hockey and other major team sports.

On the other hand, if we look at the single player sports like Tennis and MMA it's crucial to consider various additional factors and statistics when betting with BTC. In tennis, 1 player can have a more impressive form until the start of the match, but the second player will take home the win because of the certain stylistic characteristics. Example: Rafael Nadal has significantly higher chances to Beat Federer on the clay court compared to any other surface. On other surfaces odds are usually prone towards Federer. Same with MMA. Fighters with the wrestling background generally do well against participants who have boxing/kickboxing background but have significant problems against submission fighters. All factors can be the key to correctly predicting certain matches.

Use parlay bets while betting with bitcoin

One of the most beneficial tools to use when betting on live sports is parlay insurance. This feature gives Bitcoin betting enthusiasts the possibility to ensure the return of big cashbacks in case of losses. Many gambling websites offer these tools and they generally work under the same guidelines. There are usually minimum requirements like 4 entries on the bet slip and the least amount of Crypto a player should bet to participate. The more correct predictions you make, the more money you'll get back as a free bet or cashback. This is a perfect option for the players who like to play smart and bet safe. The same system and guidelines can be used on popular crypto casinos like FortuneJack and if you couple those tools with extensive knowledge of the sport, you'll have all the advantages in the world.

Cash out before the game ends

Another popular tactic is to perform cash outs at the proper time when betting with Bitcoin. If you're unsure of your bet you can take your money back before the match finishes. This saves you money and provides the possibility of taking your profit early while your bet is coming in. Also, you can get a part of your wager back if it's going against your prediction. Cash out offers players a significantly higher level of control when it comes to making bets on live sports. This is usually a very common tool for the Bitcoin Sportsbooks.

Bet on favorite

Another low risk strategy is to always bet on favorites. These are the teams or players that have a reputation of being winners, and odds are always in their favor. It's somewhat of a rarity to see the favorite team/player lose, that's why it's considered to be safe to bet on these types of participants. Their coefficients might be significantly lower than the rest, but if you create a bigger bet slip, your winnings still have the ability to be huge.


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